You are looking at the aftermath of the Hong Kong workshop.  Apparently, Master sent Wu (the guy fixing the wall) flying into the wall  I hope the action is captured in the video:

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20th Anniversary of Ottawa-Gatineau Workshops

20th Anniversary of Ottawa-Gatineau Workshops

Each year, Master Chen have tirelessly come to Ottawa to share his special insight in the art of Taijiquan. This year makes the Twentieth Anniversary of those annual workshops. Disciples Rachelle B.and James T. organized a series of workshops, special events and produced a commemorative T-shirts for each participants inorder to honor this special occasion. Participants from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City joined in our celebration. Over the weekend, there was a special seminar on Silk-Reeling, a review of the concept of Internal and External and many other facets in the training of the Practical Method of Chen Style Taijiquan.

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Apple fall detection screen



Over the past weekend at the Hong Kong workshop, Master Chen’s move on KT trigged the fall detection feature on the Apple Watch Series 4:

The incredible thing was that KT hasn’t fallen.  He merely was knocked away from Master Chen.  Obviously, this blow has enough acceleration and gyration on KT and in turn the Apple Watch asked if KT needs medical attention.

Will we see the day that we can use the watch replacing the needs for mats?

Any engineers here can shed some light on the physics?




I was privileged to spend a couple of days with Master and Master Sun.  Here are my notes:

The opponent completes the circuit. When you are about to fall, that is when your power transfers. This goes back to an explanation where Master propped up two cards leaning on each other. Master said that his previous videos showing this technique received a lot of flack since it looked like he was stumbling.

The shoulder has to rotate while the Kua moves up. What is outside is outside. Inside is inside. Hand coming in is the result of failing to achieve this.

Elbow in is the only focus. Any other focus causes power to go to other parts.

Only up and down. No sideways. I have been leaning during Walk Obliquely. Read more





-No move, only rotate

-Rotation –> power

-Friction (feet) eventually on the opponent

-Action and Attachment

-Movement without movement

-move –> you become dead (like a top spinning, then starting to wobble, then falling over)

-Stretch –> life Read more

Day one


Moving Steps positive circle instructions


Do not involve torso, Do not lean

Torso and elbow are locked, isolate torso from hand and foot, Stretch is a must.

Use front of the torso to catch the opponent at 45 to front

And use rear Kua and elbow to throw the opponent

Elbow coming and Kua going out must be like a pair of scissors

If the elbow is on Kua it’s locked and if it’s not connected there is no bite.

Initially, do not worry about power, only direction.

Train your body to become a pair of scissors.

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