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Rachel, Daniel and James did an excellent job organizing an Open House and Workshop for the Weekend of April 05-06, 2014. On a fine spring morning, more then 50 people showed up for an introduction to Chen Style Practical Method and to meet one of the system’s outstanding proponents, Master Joseph Chen Zhonghua. Read more

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We are testing a new video hosting service that provide streaming support. This mean you can jump ahead in the video without having to wait for the video to download to that point.  Let me know in the comments if you have problem viewing it.

Daqingshan Impressions i

by admin on 2011/09/02


(translated by Michael Koh of Singapore)
TaiJi Quan is a special and unique martial art from China. Similar to Chinese calligraphy, classics culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is both profound and captivating. Causes many practitioners to train night and day, laboriously and diligently. However, the number of people who has mastered this art is like stars at dawn, far and few. My story of my Taiji journey is divided to before and after I come to know Master Chen Zhong Hua. This is my brief testimony as a show of gratitude (to Master Chen).

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