Things to remember 

  • Never push your opponent- just stretch your body
  • Find an empty space and direct the force to the emptiness
  • Constantly adjust to your opponent push by filling the space between you and your opponent.
  • When stretching, stretch along the length of your body ( vertical stretch)
  • Lock one side always so you can move your other part.
  • When your lower body is advancing your upper body will need to retrieve backward.
  • When stretching arms, lock shoulders and wrist, cage ribs. Energy will come from chest
  • The closer you are the more you will be able to stretch
  • When moving your body forward “sneaking in” to get closer to your opponent, feet in first then hands.
  • Chest/ rib always tucked in/ caged
  • Lock elbow, shoulder and wrist and open your Kua. Force will come from hip.
  • There are always 3 points, if you gave one point to your opponent, then lock/control the other two points

6 steps

While still weight on right leg and left resting on toes

Right had negative circle (elbow from above), left hand negative circle – (stretching back)

Left leg open forward with heel

Step down (toes should be straight pointing straight forward)

Left hand negative circle and make a fingers “ring” (thumb touching middle finger)

Right hand positive circle

Things to check.

Elbows should be above left thigh

When arms stretched elbows should be pointing to the earth

Center always locked and stretched

Block Touching the Coat (Lan Ca Yi) 

6 moves

Wrist cross (Like X) right hand on top of left, fingers pointing downwards.
Lower right elbow open

right hand positive circle, left hand close to left hip.

Shift weight on left foot, right arm positive circle and left negative right, leg stretch to horse stance (all same time) landing on heel

Rest the right feet

Stretch right arm positive circle

Six Sealing and Four Closing (Liu Feng Si Bi) 

6 moves

Right hand positive circle twice (move 1, 2 and 3)

4 – Bring left hand middle of the right arm, both hands at the front of torso, left arm elbow touching left ribcage.

5- Pull left leg to rest toes near right leg – same direction and right feet

6- Rest both palms face down – fingers stretched – elbows slightly bend and tucked in

Single Whip (Dan Bian)

7 moves

1, 2, 3 twisting towel

4- Right hand thumb touches middle finger (making a circle) – right foot toes turns inside

5- left legs opens with heel horse stance

6- Rest the toes of left leg

7- Left hand positive circle

Adjust posture so elbows and knees are slightly bend and hands are stretched (Like T). Drop shoulders “resting” wrists stretched. Keep the right hand thumb touching middle finger (circle).

Turn Left and Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar (Zuo Zhuan Shen Dao Dui)

6 moves

1-      Left hand negative circle – right positive circle same time – both elbow in the middle of torso close to the body. Right fingers still holding the “circle”

2-      Left opens negative circle stretched right hand near left elbow.

3-      Standing Buddha’s Warrior– stretch arms, keep wrists straight and open the chest by stretching , tummy tucked in, left shoulder backwards

4-       Open left feet from heel to left

5-      Turn left while dragging right leg and resting on the toes of right foot  (same as last moves of golden warrior –  Pull right leg in front of you together with right arm resting on toes / elbow in – raise leg – knee should touch the elbow. Rest of the body shouldn’t move.

6-      Last move of golden warrior except rather than fist in palm, left hand palm open rests on left hand (fist posture) (Legs same as starting position, elbows touching body.)