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Discipleship Ceremony – Daniel Mroz

by Rachelle Bergeron on 2010/12/02

Daniel Mroz is an associate professor of theatre arts at the University of Ottawa where he has been employed since July 1st,  2005.

Beginning in 1993 Daniel studied Choy Li Fut Kuen (Cailifoquan) and Wu Taijiquan with Master Sui Meing Wong (Huang Xiao Ming) in Montréal. He has also studied various traditional approaches to qigong with Master Ken Cohen, a well known American qigong teacher.

While performing with his first gongfu teacher, Daniel first saw Master Chen demonstrating at a martial arts gala event in Ottawa in 2003 and was very impressed and curious about Master Chen’s complex and subtle movement.

When Daniel moved to Ottawa for work in 2005, he began to practice Chen Taijiquan with Kee Hong, who introduced him to Master Chen.

Daniel attended two full-time training sessions on Da Qing Shan in China, in May 2007 and May 2009.

Daniel now includes Chen Taiji in actor training classes at the university of Ottawa, thereby furthering and supporting Master Chen’s teachings. Daniel has also taught workshops in Chen Taiji to actors and dancers in Istanbul, Turkey, and Brittany, France. Master Chen generously authored the preface to Daniel’s upcoming book on the use of Taijiquan in the training of stage actors, which is in the last stages of publication.

discipleship ceremony

discipleship ceremony

discipleship ceremony

discipleship ceremony

discipleship ceremony


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