Maple Ridge

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Greater Vancouver 2014-03 Workshop 

Master Chen gave students a test on observation. In learning students have to see and distinguish what is relevant to taiji training. The best Taiji learning comes through the master demonstrating on the student, but when he is interacting Read more

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One of the unique aspects of Master Chen workshop is his hands on instructions. He will let students push hand with him in any fashion, he will give you a counter and teach you how to do it. This is my third workshops and I have started to get a feel on how to do push hands properly. Read more

by: Bill Vanderhall
Well, to start with, the first time we met Master Chen Zhonghua ( we know him as Joseph Chen ) was at a Martial Arts Tournament in Vancouver, about eight years ago, 2001.   My friends and I help out with judging the Taiji section, so we had seen quite a lot of good and poor Taiji.  At the end of the tournament, Joseph gave us a demonstration of his Chen Taiji and blew us away. Read more

Originally written by: Helen Kita
This is the third year I have taken Master Chen’s workshops. I have enjoyed his teachings and have learned many skills and know I am on a long journey to understand the principles of tai chi. Read more

Originally written by: Dina Kerr

After 7 years of Maple Ridge workshops once a month, it never gets old. Each workshop is new and exciting. Its like meeting my family, brothers and sisters that I haven not seen for a while. There is joking and laughter intermingled with pushing and shoving, then in comes Daddy Chen, we must behave now. Read more

Originally written by: Ian Macrae

Maple Ridge Workshop July 25th and 26th, 2009

(A loose transcription of notes, not an organized article)

This month our workshop was in Pitt Meadows Heritage Hall. Our regular use of Thornhill Hall was preempted by the Disabled Games. What a nice big clean beautiful hall this was, notwithstanding that the A/C wasn’t working and it was almost too hot to do YiLu. Well, actually, it was too hot, so we didn’t work quite as hard as we usually do. Read more