Full time taiji

  1. Master Chen does not have a formalized teaching schedule or method. His teaching is based on traditional method. It is influenced by the mood of the day or occasion. This means that when he is happy and the right ambience is present, he might teach more than normal. Read more

Most definitely! Daqingshan Mountain Resort can accommodate your friends while you are at your studies. We can also look after them with tours and other activities. They can are able to dine with your Taiji group or have a private dining facility.

Sorry we have not included any information on this subject. It will be very easy to live as a vegetarian on the mountain. We are growning our own vegetables this year. If you decide to go, let us know as soon as you can, we will start planting things that will suit you. Lots of soya bean products. We make our own tofu on the mountain too!

Definitely you can. First of all previous experience is not important for learning our style of Taijiquan. Secondly, what you have learned before is not essential either. Thirdly, how strong you are is not a factor. Read more

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