Full time taijiquan training tips

by admin on 2010/05/29

  1. Master Chen does not have a formalized teaching schedule or method. His teaching is based on traditional method. It is influenced by the mood of the day or occasion. This means that when he is happy and the right ambience is present, he might teach more than normal.
    It is therefore a good idea to observe him a bit so that you can figure out his pattern to better learn from him.
  2. When attending classes, make sure that you maintain good body hygiene. Especially in taiji push hands and applications work, there is a lot of physical touching, so good hygiene ensures that the learning environment is kept mutually acceptable, a necessary condition for learning.
  3. Ensure that you clip your finger nails regularly so that you do not accidentally scratch or cause others to bleed.
  4. Training sessions should be scent-free. There are many people with allergies or who have aversions to scented products such as perfumes, hair products, etc.
  5. Always wear good footwear to ensure good grip on the floor.

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Ping Wei July 24, 2010 at 5:40 am

“It is influenced by the mood of the day or occasion. This means when he is happy and the right ambiance is present, he might teach more than normal.” This can be interpreted wrongly.

Traditional way of teaching is actually very individualized. If Master Chen sees you put in time and practice very hard, he will spend more time with you, and teach more than in a normal class setting. Master Chen is very enthusiastic about teaching. He’s always available for help if you have questions, or when he sees you are doing something not quite right, he’ll immediately stop you and explain the correct way, and make sure you understand, and all these are based on your years of training and the ability to grasp the concept. He would come up 10 different ways of saying the same concept. So, being present with Master Chen is the key to study from him.


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