Daqingshan, China

Daqingshan Mountain Resort is a Shandoing Provincial forest park. It has a federal AA tourist designation. It is situation in the south eastern part of Shandong province. Read more

Wan He Temple i

by daqingshan on 2007/02/02

In between the Han Wang Fu and the Pagoda stood the Wan He Temple. Well, a Wan He Temple anyways, for the real one is buried right underneath what you can see now. “Wan” means ten thousand in Chinese while “He” means monk. 850 years ago the local magistrate sought to build a temple here to “subdue” the mountain. Read more

The Ascension Rock 2

by daqingshan on 2007/02/02

If you have climbed through the labyrinth of the Suo Yang Gong Caves , you might have noticed a flat rock toward the end of the climb. Legend has it that the colorful immortal Lu Dongbin (Guest of the Cave –  one of the eight immortals) meditated on this rock and finally ascended from there! Read more

Han Wang Fu is the name of the Chinese restaurant on the mountain. It is located inside the Courtyard. Han Wang refers to Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. It is said that after losing the first rebellion against the corrupt Qin Dynasty, he went into hiding in the Daqingshan. There, he rebuilt an army that eventually gave him the power to overthrow the Qin Dynasty. Read more