Wan He Temple

by daqingshan on 2007/02/02

In between the Han Wang Fu and the Pagoda stood the Wan He Temple. Well, a Wan He Temple anyways, for the real one is buried right underneath what you can see now. “Wan” means ten thousand in Chinese while “He” means monk. 850 years ago the local magistrate sought to build a temple here to “subdue” the mountain.
They paid a high price for a traveling monk to point the way. The monk, upon studying the Feng Shui of the place, said that this place is suit for Wan He, ten thousand monks. The magistrate immediately allocated money and built a huge temple, awaiting the arrival of ten thousand monks!
One traveling monk arrived and made the temple his home. He presided over the temple and dealt with Buddhist affairs for the locals for several dozen years and then died. He was buried under the temple. No other monk ever came to settle down. Out of dispair, the new local magistrate went to Wulian mountains to the east to ask for advice.
“That’s right! The destiny was fulfiled. The presiding abbot of the Puzhao Temple declared.
As he explained, the monk that came to Daqingshan to preside over Wan He Temple was named Mr. Wan. He himself was the Wang He, ten thousand monks, or Mr. Wan the monk. It’s been 850 years since Mr. Wan’s stay. There has been no other monks on the mountain. The locals kept the temple in repair all these years, still hoping for ten thousand monks to arrive!

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