Han Wang Fu (Han Emperor Palace)

by daqingshan on 2007/02/02

Han Wang Fu is the name of the Chinese restaurant on the mountain. It is located inside the Courtyard. Han Wang refers to Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. It is said that after losing the first rebellion against the corrupt Qin Dynasty, he went into hiding in the Daqingshan. There, he rebuilt an army that eventually gave him the power to overthrow the Qin Dynasty.

Notable sites on the mountain today are Zhuo Ma Lan and Suo Yang Gong. Zhuo Ma Lan means the stable that caught the horse. It refers to a site where Liu Bang’s startled horse finally was tamed, saving Liu’s life. It is located at the entrance to Daqingshan today.

Suo Yang Gong means the palace that locks the goats in. It is a series of underground rock caves. The locals like to say that there are 108 caves all together. But the real number is not exactly 108. That aside, these huge rocks and boulders the sizes of houses and sometimes larger appear to be the result of an explosion of a mountain. All the rocks pile up to form the caves.

In order to feed his secret army, Liu Bang had his men raise an army of goats in the Suo Yang Gong area of the Daqingshan mountains. The caves became natural shelter for them. Obviously there is a tradition of goat herding and eating in this area.

Behind the Han Wang Fu, there is a large flat area in front of the Daqingshan. There stood the statute of Liu Bang.

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