The Ascension Rock

by daqingshan on 2007/02/02

If you have climbed through the labyrinth of the Suo Yang Gong Caves , you might have noticed a flat rock toward the end of the climb. Legend has it that the colorful immortal Lu Dongbin (Guest of the Cave –  one of the eight immortals) meditated on this rock and finally ascended from there!

It was said that Lu Dongbin’s yang energy was so strong that he was the only human who could marry, have children and yet, his body was still that of a pure virgin man’s body. When he ascended, there was no more need for his physical body, he left his body on the mountain. The body eventually decomposed except his yang part. It still stands on the mountain, dominating the sky view.

It’s no wonder that this area is so closely associated with the eight immortals. It is on the way to Penglai where the eight immortals crossed the sea. There are many stories about them in this area.

Personally I have done Hunyuan Qigong on the ascension rock at different times but have not had the good fortune of any mysterious happenings yet. I heard that some of my full time students had gone there to meditate at mid-night and other omnious training times and had not reported any sightings either.

Well, I am not giving up. There might still be hope. All it takes is patience.

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Niko December 4, 2011 at 6:33 am

Lu Dongbin seems to smile on the picture.


Voodoo Child November 25, 2017 at 3:32 pm

1. I can´t see the pictures. Please fix.
2. to the one who wrote the article : I hope there is still hope. If not in this life, then maybe in another … let go of your desires to get it. It is just a projection of your ego seeking the “mysterious”. Don´t be attached to it, then it becomes suffering. Could also be, that you are doing something wrong in life. Ask the spirits of nature !
What sightings were you looking for ? What do you expect ?


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