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Jojo Juarsa Taiji Track Records 蔡学超 太极简历 拜师帖:

Name / 姓名: Jojo Johari Juarsa (蔡学超)
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I met with John Upshaw on Friday and Saturday mornings, July 9 and 10 in Estes Park, Colorado while he and his family were vacationing there. Read more

Trying first part of Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds the Mortar with locking.

Training snapshot with some push hands.

Hubert (14yrs old) push hands session

During this time of the pandemic, I had a very valuable opportunity to attend Shifu Chen Zhonghua’s online class. By listening, seeing and following the instructions given in the class I began to understand the principles of the Taiji practical method and apply them to yilu and push hands. All this time I thought that I understood and could do yilu well, but what I understood was wrong. Read more

After some time of training and looking at master chen’s videos I feel confident enough to post a video. Any feedback is welcome. I’m planning to post some more on the other basic exercises.

Youtube video below

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Master Chen comments:

  • You need to do one yilu before taping. Warm up is necessary as you cannot immediately get into proper action yet. This is indicated in the fact that the second half of your yilu is drastically better than the first half.
  • Front trick and rear trick: rear foot should follow up a bit.
  • Power, structure and movements are all there.
  • You can start putting more SHOW into the form now.


Dragos is a 17-year old in Edmonton, Canada. He has been studying from Allan Belsheim for two years attending evening lessons.

Nona and Master Chen - private class

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Video recorded at the end of Nic three weeks stay at DaQingShan Full Time program.