Kelvin Ho Yilu Correction Online Class starting on Nov 1, 2022

by Practical Method on 2022/10/27

Kelvin Ho will be running a yilu correction online class starting on Nov. 1, 2022. He has practiced yilu over 38000 times and counting, and has set a record of completing 200 yilus on a single day. He has been awarded by Master Chen Zhonghua the title of Qingshan Instructor since 2019. In this class, he will correct the students’ form in detail by integrating the principle into the form, and providing focused drills to hone the required skill. This class will be meeting twice a week, and is included as part of the yearly program. This class is suitable for people who are able to perform yilu by oneself, and are looking for ways to breakthrough the current plateau and/or to improve his/her yilu overall.

Monday: 2 pm Edmonton Time
Tuesday: 7 am Edmonton Time

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