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by Michael Winkler on 2016/12/26

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Do you want to live in tune with nature, surrounded by people striving for similiar goals, raising your children (if you have or want to have a family) in a harmonious community, rather than give them to the kindergarten?

Or do you have some money at the bank, but no idea what to do with it, how to invest AND would you like to spend some years on our mountain?

Then Daqinshan is the place for you! “Daqinshan” (大青山), literally “big green mountain” is a remote area in Shandong Province. The nearest town, Wulian, is 20 minutes away below the mountain by car. Daqingshan Mountain is the headquarters of the international Taiji school “Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method” AND here we want to build a Taoist based self-sustainable community, a community of alternative living. We have the resources here on the mountain, and also there is friendly and affordable labor force resource in this area. So such a project is very doable here.

Besides international living, Daqingshan is also a good place to invest your money in a responsible way. Ten years ago, Daqingshan was an abandoned non-arable barren mountain when Master Chen Zhonghua “found” it. Now it is a thriving hub of social and business center for responsible living, taiji for health, international cultural exchange and a place many call “home”.  In return for depositing a fixed amount of money on Daqingshan, the interest of your money will be used to give you a place to living on Daqingshan (There are several tiered levels of living standards based on your invest). In the end, you will get all your money back. The interest is used by Daqingshan to give a nice stay.


Video Presentation

In case you cannot see the YouTube stream below you can find it on the German website or Youku:

Living “for Free”!

The Daqingshan Mountain Resort and the new Daqingshan International Taiji School in Wulian 20151009_083659 5-3are constantly building new facilities, meaning that your investment is only used for asset building. At a time when deposits in banks hardly earn any interest, this is the way to go. The asset we accumulate with your invest is the guarantee that your money is not lost. We use the interest of your investment to provide you with a new life style on Daqingshan. The more money you invest the higher the standard of living that we can provide.


Here some calculations of what we can offer based on your investment (All in US$)

  $20,000.00 $30,000.00 $50,000.00 $100,000.00
3-year term
live in International Village, paid electricity, Free 10 Yuan meals
live in International Village, paid electricity, Free 15 Yuan meals live in Wangting Hotel,Free 20 Yuan meals
live in International Hotel, Free 30 Yuan meals
10-year Term
Live in Wangting Hotel, Free 20 Yuan meals
live in Wangting Hotel,Free 30 Yuan meals
live in International Hotel, Free 40 Yuan meals
live in International Hotel,Free 40 Yuan meals, can get $150000 back after 10 years
put $20000 in DQS for more than 3 years,then you can live in DQS for 30 days every year, live in International Hotel, Free 30 Yuan meals



Building a Self-Sustaining Community

20160803_090643 5-3Would you like to be able to eat only what you grow directly in front of your house? Do you want to escape the food industry to be able to have plain food, without any additional substances?
Are you also tired of all the waste and pollution we as human beings are creating all the time?
Do you also imagine a way of living where we could save most of all energy we use all the time?
Would you rather like to look for the bare necessities and escape the common way of consume?

Then this special project might be of interest for you.
We want to use the best know-how like:

  • building off-grid houses (e.g. like the earthships)
  • permaculture
  • recycling
  • organic farming
  • growing herbs
  • closing food cycle
  • everything else which fit’s in to make a self-sustaining life better

This way we want to achieve to have circumstances to live in tune with the nature of earth as much as possible. Also we might raise our children in a most natural environment, letting them learn everything through direct experience rather than the scholastic way in normal schools.

There will be an international school in Wulian, possibly providing some good job opportunities. The mountain could become a place for experimental learning and may also nourish the school with experience.


Art and Music Performances

In Wulian and the area around it is quite seldom that there are foreigners around. Here we still have a lot of people who did never see a foreigner before – at least the reactions on us mostly are like that … 😉
So for Artists and Musicians this might be very interesting as it is so easy to catch everybody’s attention immediately.

For both professionals or amateurs this is of great use. It might be quite easy to have some income with arts and music, once you stay here


Special Working Opportunities

There’s a need for people with special qualifications on the mountain and also down in town at the school.
For instance there will be a special need for

  • growing trees
  • electricians
  • craftsmen
  • teachers

Question & Answer

Finally some answers to related questions who came up.
In case you have some more, please use the comment function below to post them and we will add them.

  • What’s the crime level in the town and the surrounding area?
    This is  a small rural community. Crime rate is very very low.
  • Will I have a chance to buy a motorcycle, or perhaps a car, for traveling to places like Rizhao and Qingdao?
    Yes, if you wish to do so. Rizhao is 50 km and Qingdao 160 km away.
  • Who will I be able to turn to with personal questions such as seeing a local doctor?
    Many of the staff members at the school can help. The physical school you visited will have high school and taiji school open by Sept. So there will be a sizeable staff in the facility.
  • I understand this will be the school’s first year of operation, which means there will be various settling-in issues to sort out on campus. As a foreign teacher, what kind of administrative or leadership responsibilities could I expect?
    Nothing in particular to what you are referring to.
    But I would like to suggest an English club, etc. for the local community.
  • What is the name of the Canadian university that will partner with Wulian international school?
    We are working with the University of Ottawa and Colleges Canada.

Michael Winkler
e-mail: mail (at) practicalmethod (dot) de

You can also use WeChat or Skype, contact dates please see below.


Pictures from Daqingshan Mountain


Wintertime on Daqingshan


Hotel Accomodation


International School at Wulian


More Pictures from the School
pictures by Mă Wénjūn 马文军

Michael Winkler

e-mail: mail (at) practicalmethod (dot) de

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About Michael Winkler

2003 Chen style Taijiquan (Laojia-Style from Chenjagou) 2004 getting in touch with various Qigong syltes (e.g. Zhong Yuan Qigong with Xu Mingtang, later Xuan Ling Gong with Xiong Chunjing) 2005 Chen style from Xiao Jimin (son of Xiao Qinglin, a student of Chen Fake) 2010 first fulltime training on DQS (6 weeks) 2012 second fulltime training on DQS (3 month) 2013 becoming disciple of Master Chen Zhonghua Since 2010 the only Taijiquan I practice and teach is the "Practical Method" as passed on by Master Chen Zhonghua.

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KT January 3, 2017 at 3:34 am

Wonderful post and video, Michael!


Michael Winkler January 9, 2017 at 2:29 am

Thanks, KT.
I did update the calculation for the international living now. Within the post everybody now can see roughly what kind of “rate” we can offer to people who would like to put some money into DQS for some years. Get in contact with us in case you are interested!


James Tam January 13, 2017 at 8:38 am

Michael, need to correct/reword “free meals for 30 yuan each”??


Michael Winkler January 14, 2017 at 2:58 am

Hi James,
Yes, this was not very clear. I changed it. The meaning is that one will get meals for free, but depending on the amount of money one invests the meals have different value.


Michael Winkler March 19, 2017 at 9:33 am

For everybody who is curious about this project, this information might be of interest. The circumstances for foreigners who want to live in China seems to get better in terms of visa. Have a look:


Michael Winkler March 27, 2017 at 12:37 am

I just added a Question & Answer section at the end of the post, right on top of the picture gallery. Please have a look.


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