This is that (concept)

i.e. brush the knees
Step 1
Remove slack
Step 2

Train to lock angle so that
1) hand is shoulder
2) hand is kua
3) hand is foot
Translation is 1:1
Distance and angle cannot change
Distance is in perception, if opponent has no perception there you can cut through distance
Moving steps
Tower crane mounted on truck
Truck can move, tower cannot
Train to be uncomfortable on the line instead of comfortable off the line
Parterner drill
let someone push you till you are about to fall and regain balance, repeat
Train to feed
On the touch get the full, no slack
Old man catching fish – muddy move vs clear move
Rope and stick – are yon and yang, if opponent is stick become rope
Loose the energy through joint
You always use the one behind to use the one forward.
To move your hand you must use your elbow.
To move you outside of elbow, you must use inside of Shoulder.
To move your shoulder you must use your kua.
Tou can only move inside tube – hand is inside tube and can only extend
Touxh point on hand acts as lever and on contact in with elbow move flips the hand like Bird tap
Grind/spear – out with hand is grind
3 way split – hand is stretched from elbow, elbow is stretched towards shoulder and center is aiming from dantian to create vector force
Empty the bag – a heavy bag half filled, you lift and turn full side from one hand to empty it on other side  hand


Yilu and foundations are for warm up

Then one must learn, create yin yang split
Action has movement, physical structure has no movement
Hand and screwdriver analogy —
Screwdriver doesn’t work on its own but is turned by hand
Twisting towel
Hand doesn’t move on it’s own,
Kua is responsible for action on hand
object is yin &
Action is yang –
Fixed for consistency and to avoid confusion
At higher level it doesn’t matter which one is which, just know there are two and can be switched
There has to be a trap to walk in for opponent
Trap doesn’t change shape/size
Trap is designed so that you can have the hold
Hold gives access to ligaments and not muscles, working on muscles is futile
Opponent’s arm is not sufficient to get the hold of the whole body
Body parts are irrelevant for the hold,only think of to hold the line, have a grab from both side of teh line and not just one
Sink waist to press elbow
Hand should be complete dead no move on its own, and that is quality like a steel, otherwise it absorbs like cotton
Shoulder rotates on vertical axis and doesn’t get displaced
Two ends have to be related, timing has to be coordinated
Stretch in right shoulder has to be totally matched by stretch in left heel
Only two ways to move opponent .
Lever- lock middle and move the ends (strong opponent)
Anti-lever – lock the ends and move the middle (loose opponent)
Two ends and the middle are independent of one another. However opponent thinks they all happen at same time because the difference in time is so tiny it goes unnoticed.
A nut (micro living that lives only morning to afternoon) can not fathom a qun (mythical bird that lives many years) and for qun a nut did not exist, however they both live same life cycle birth-growing-reproduction-death.
Taiji encapsulates everything – in time.
If one splits that fraction of second when action was done at two ends and middle into million parts, these three actions will be only 3 of those million parts and totally different (although sequential) and they have no relationship to one another but for opponent it feels as if they happened at same time and they have relationship.

Tiger’s back and Bear’s waist (doesn’t have)

Stretch removes indentation and protrusion.
Movements create indentation and protrusion .
Exercise 1
Shoulder as reference and chest goes back or chest is reference and shoulders come forward
(Hands in forward)
Exercise 2
Tear the center of chest (i.e.single whip)
Humanity point(center of the chest in front) and Vitality point (lower back) (ani.al instinct),
Harmony of both is unification of both.
Horizontal relationship and vertical relationship and their controlling mechanism is dot.
Dantian is hub but there’s no crossing (I.e. overpass on road in city)
Positive energy is seen, negative energy can not be seen. They are always pair but only positive is sensed by observer and negative is felt by opponent.
1) Create a space/hole put opponent in there
2) Bait/blunt/blurred vs. focused/sharp/crisp move

1) sequence of learning- learn Form (overall structure), stretch (no fight),  and how to stretch

2) step in on moving positive circle.  Elbow comes in, leg goes out in same direction no deviation

3) bypass/ turning over – there is no direct connection of 2 body parts as if there is you can not connect to ground , can not bypass,

4) How to stretch ,
Remain on track,
When you can bypass you create stretch ,
Adjacent body parts have to give a way in order to stretch
5) real learning is not about something big or important, it’s about looking at something sitting in corner so small that nobody is looking at it
6) taiji is yin yang ,
And for every yin yang ,
Create another yin yang to match
Create ,
2 set of bypass ,
That’s called yin is rooted in yang and yang is rooted in yin
7) stretch , no retreat in move, horizontal to vertical,
8) every body part move 1mm makes 10mm. It’s difficult to move 1 part 10 mm
9) pair exercise , equal vs over. Difference is Only one notch. To go over the Key is rest of body doesn’t move.
10) you need to know when you are over the other side, don’t use power unless you are already on the other side
11) change the dot without touching the dot – switching
#Yilu move 1 Jin Gang Dao Dui

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#Foundation instructions
3 count positive circle
-maintain equal size in all 3 counts

-initially how you feel and shape doesn’t matter

-count 1 & 3 is easy, 2nd is difficult
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Day one


Moving Steps positive circle instructions


Do not involve torso, Do not lean

Torso and elbow are locked, isolate torso from hand and foot, Stretch is a must.

Use front of the torso to catch the opponent at 45 to front

And use rear Kua and elbow to throw the opponent

Elbow coming and Kua going out must be like a pair of scissors

If the elbow is on Kua it’s locked and if it’s not connected there is no bite.

Initially, do not worry about power, only direction.

Train your body to become a pair of scissors.

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