Toronto workshop 9 March notes

by Harshil on 2020/03/09

This is that (concept)

i.e. brush the knees
Step 1
Remove slack
Step 2

Train to lock angle so that
1) hand is shoulder
2) hand is kua
3) hand is foot
Translation is 1:1
Distance and angle cannot change
Distance is in perception, if opponent has no perception there you can cut through distance
Moving steps
Tower crane mounted on truck
Truck can move, tower cannot
Train to be uncomfortable on the line instead of comfortable off the line
Parterner drill
let someone push you till you are about to fall and regain balance, repeat
Train to feed
On the touch get the full, no slack
Old man catching fish – muddy move vs clear move
Rope and stick – are yon and yang, if opponent is stick become rope
Loose the energy through joint
You always use the one behind to use the one forward.
To move your hand you must use your elbow.
To move you outside of elbow, you must use inside of Shoulder.
To move your shoulder you must use your kua.
Tou can only move inside tube – hand is inside tube and can only extend
Touxh point on hand acts as lever and on contact in with elbow move flips the hand like Bird tap
Grind/spear – out with hand is grind
3 way split – hand is stretched from elbow, elbow is stretched towards shoulder and center is aiming from dantian to create vector force
Empty the bag – a heavy bag half filled, you lift and turn full side from one hand to empty it on other side  hand

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