Toronto Workshop 2nd March 2019 day 1 afternoon session notes

by Harshil on 2019/03/02

#Yilu move 1 Jin Gang Dao Dui

Lock both hands to opponent
1) Tap opponent’s front leg with your front leg
While tapping, don’t move any part of the rest of the body, front leg and rest of the body to be isolated and not moving together
2) Tap 3 times in sequence

3) Go up with front leg uprooting front leg of opponent
#Fetch water
Base of thigh has to be fixed
Only move base of the trunk to open kua
Thigh and trunk are 2 independent body parts, dont create more moving parts
Back shoulder and front knee create a line when kua is open
If front knee and back shoulder are locked , opening the kua creates small displacement at ends but movement thus created is large due to the distance it comes from
Open-close Kua is analogous to the door. If you look at door it opens and closes. If you look at hinge it’s rotation. If you look at wall and door frame it doesn’t move.
Push hands
When engaging opponent, do not fight from top, do not maintain distance in order to match opponent’s size.
Engage to close the gap and lock the opponent and then initiate move from the foot.
On learning
Learning requires
1) to listen / see / observe
2) action/ replicate
-Do not add personal observations
-A smart person is seen as dumb because he observes more
-Learning stops when you start expressing instead of following instructions
-First 3 years of baby, they observe everything
-A child is incapable of adding his expression and hence can copy exactly how he sees
-it’s a adult human trait to fill in adjustment instead of copying
-it’s simple instructions that are difficult to follow or get it 1st time

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