Toronto workshop 7 March 2020 Morning session notes

by Harshil on 2020/03/07

1) sequence of learning- learn Form (overall structure), stretch (no fight),  and how to stretch

2) step in on moving positive circle.  Elbow comes in, leg goes out in same direction no deviation

3) bypass/ turning over – there is no direct connection of 2 body parts as if there is you can not connect to ground , can not bypass,

4) How to stretch ,
Remain on track,
When you can bypass you create stretch ,
Adjacent body parts have to give a way in order to stretch
5) real learning is not about something big or important, it’s about looking at something sitting in corner so small that nobody is looking at it
6) taiji is yin yang ,
And for every yin yang ,
Create another yin yang to match
Create ,
2 set of bypass ,
That’s called yin is rooted in yang and yang is rooted in yin
7) stretch , no retreat in move, horizontal to vertical,
8) every body part move 1mm makes 10mm. It’s difficult to move 1 part 10 mm
9) pair exercise , equal vs over. Difference is Only one notch. To go over the Key is rest of body doesn’t move.
10) you need to know when you are over the other side, don’t use power unless you are already on the other side
11) change the dot without touching the dot – switching

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