Dina Notes from Maple Ridge Workshop

by Dina Kerr on 2016/10/20

Maple Ridge Workshop With Chen Zhonghua October15/16, 2016

It was windy and raining in Maple Ridge last weekend, but in our cozy hall, Master Chen was telling us once again what he has been telling us for sixteen years: elbow in, hand out, move one thing at a time, observe your opponent, where his energy is located, see his lines.

I know we have all improved amazingly over that time but all we see can see when we look at our master is the very long road to the goal that we can never reach. This weekend, we worked on the first thirteen moves of the yilu and although we are very familiar with the yilu, by the end of the workshop we could actually see improvement in our fellow practitioners.

Master Chen’s taiji is truly an art, the art of body movement, which must be not on, not off, but exactly perfect. Mentally, after sixteen years, we are very good at this, physically the story changes. We keep trying…success is fleeting…it comes and then disappears….but it is the journey that matters. I hope I can continue to do this until I die. dina


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