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Ming’s post below captures most of the material Master Chen shared on the weekend. Here are a few things I wrote down or was told directly over the course of the weekend.

Main Theme: “Taiji movement must be Differentiated and Sequenced; in order to move like this, repetitive practice of Yi Lu is needed to habituate the body”, Read more

This December I had the honour of being invited to teach an introductory workshop on the Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method. I’d been to Brittany twice before to work with the theatre company Teatr Piba and this time my friend and colleague Erwan Cloarec asked me to also teach Taijiquan.

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With Master Chen’s permission I’ll be giving a short introductory workshop in Brest, France, hosted by my good friend Erwan Cloarec. I hope to present Master Chen’s approach and give French and Breton practitioners a chance to discover the Practical Method. The French description is below: Read more

In May of 2011 I travelled to Daqingshan for the third time; my earlier visits took place in 2007 and 2009. The purpose of this trip was to receive further instruction from my Master, Chen Zhonghua, and to offer him my support by taking part in the First International Hong Junsheng Taijiquan Seminar and Competition. While commitments back in Canada meant that this trip was shorter than previous ones,   I feel I learned a great deal from this visit. Read more

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As some of you know, I’ve been researching the use of taijiquan and qigong in the training of actors and dancers. I’ve recently put up a website to document this work, www.dancingword.org Read more

Last week I had the honour of being inducted into the Chen Taijiquan lineage that flows from Chen Fake to Hong Junsheng to Chen Zhonghua. Master Chen requested that I write about my experience of the ‘hands-on’ part of this lineage transmission. He said he’d been pushing with Dave Dahms and I in order to show us particular things and wanted to know what we felt was different. Read more

Master Chen’s workshop this Saturday focused on the theme of ‘division of labour’ amongst the different parts of the body; he emphasized yet again that in order for movements to become functional under pressure, one part of the body must be perfectly still while the other part rotates. We looked at this rule through a variety of examples. Read more

Most traditional Chinese martial artists use ‘internal’, i.e. the timed squeezing of their torsos, to STOP or brake the momentum of limb movement. What you do is to START (and brake and stop) the movements of your limbs using the timed pressure in your torso.

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Date: 11/26/2005 0:00
Title: Chen Zhonghua Workshop in Ottawa Nov 26, 2005
Reviewer: Daniel Mroz
Organizer: James Chan
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

On November 26 and 27, 2005, I took part in a two-day workshop on Hong Junsheng’s Practical Method of Chen style taijiquan, offered by Mr. Chen Zhong Hua in Ottawa, Canada. The workshop was arranged by Mr. Chen’s students and attracted about a dozen participants. Read more