Ottawa Fall 2012 Workshop Supplemental Notes

by Daniel Mroz on 2012/09/18

Ming’s post below captures most of the material Master Chen shared on the weekend. Here are a few things I wrote down or was told directly over the course of the weekend.

Main Theme: “Taiji movement must be Differentiated and Sequenced; in order to move like this, repetitive practice of Yi Lu is needed to habituate the body”,

“repetitive practice = 10,000 repetitions of Yi Lu”

“Yi Lu is 81 ‘movements’ each composed of positive and negative circles; ideally, Yi Lu = 360 circles”

(“Er Lu is composed of 64 ‘movements’, i.e. fewer circles!”)

“muscles rotate on the bones; the bones do not move”,

“movement from superficial to deep: muscles, skin, ligaments, bones”,

“5 Yes’: 2 hands, 2 feet, 1 head”,

“5 No’s: wrist, elbow, hip, knee, ankle”,

“5 Flowers: point, line, plane (3 dimensions), movement, time”,

“typically we say ‘follow’; it is more accurate to say ‘in-with'”,

“the energy path in Chinese: Jing Lu”

“thoughts are not visible, the eyes are; the eyes do not move, the pupils do not dilate”

“Metaphor: ‘horizontal’, incorrect movement is our habitual movement in the air while ‘correct’ movement arises from the centre of the body, like our feeding mechanism in the womb, suspended in liquid”.

I hope these short, obscure phrases will serve as reminders for those who were at the workshop and for those to whom Master Chen has said similar things…




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Ming September 20, 2012 at 12:21 pm

Great notes Daniel. Two days is just not long enough to cover all the things we need to know. I found two videos that describe the 5 No’s in more detail. This one in Edmonton and this one from Daqingshan .


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