Device to Fix The Two Feet and Train The Kua

by Brian Chung on 2022/11/22

In Practical Method, we are constantly seeking methods to actualise simple principles and concepts into physical reality. During Master Chen Zhonghua’s online class on 16 November 2022, he showed a device to fix the two feet.

The below is my attempt to follow this method and help begin a discussion on how this works and how to use it.
The objective is to fix the two feet and train the kua.
  • Assuming a right handed half horse stance, the left foot is placed at 90 degrees and the right foot is placed at 45 degrees.
  • To create the device I used a timber skirting board that is 2cm thick and a jigsaw.
  • One rectangular board is required to fix the left foot.
  • One right angled equilateral triangle board is required to fix the right foot.
  • In order to fix the feet position, cut out the curve of your shoes. A minimum of three contact points is required.
  • To anchor the two boards, you must find a suitable space. I used a narrow space with two corners. Note that in order to fix a position, three dimensions are required.
  • This is to actualise the concept of fix the two ends and move the middle.
  • Progressing this idea, we can place a third fix by placing a restriction on the top of the head, but that is a topic for another discussion.
By firmly fixing the two feet, ankles and knees, we find how stuck we are on the kua.

Device to fix the two feet and train the kua

Fix the left foot

Fix the right foot

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