“Shunlan Zhou-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220616” Online Video Purchase

by Shopmaster on 2022/06/28

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua  Length: 1 mins  Difficulty: 3/5  Language: English  
Year: 2022  Location: Edmonton Chen Zhonghua Taiji Academy  

Shunlan Zhou-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220616. Same direction elbow blocking strike. The waist and the elbow start traveling along the same direction. Then the waist continues with the rotation, while the elbow goes straight along the 180 line. The power has to come from the waist rotation. This type of movement is called a "Six Sealing and Four Closing" type of action. It is also a type of desynchronized synchronization. The action starts and ends at the same time but that is all the various body parts have in common.

Shunlan Zhou-Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220616
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"Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20220616" Online Video Purchase


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