Notes from Master Chen Zhonghua’s online Lesson on 5. January 2022—Carlotta Viviani

by Carlotta Viviani on 2022/01/07

  • Circle: the circle drawn by the shoulder must be bigger than the circle drawn by the hand.
  • Exercise: use a support for the front wrist, like a chair. The wrist cannot move (but it rotates). Do a negative circle with the rest of the body going up and down. The middle today is the shoulder, the two not moving ends are the rear foot and the front hand.
    Going down is physical at the beginning, later on is how we connect to the foot.
  • Every move in Yilu is to tie and untie a knot, to lock and unlock the body. We need a lot of torque and twisting.
  • Training process. We go from a unary system (based on one) to a binary system (based on two) to a ternary system (based on three). Three is stable, but not usable. So we go to a quaternary system (based on four) and we’re in chaos again and come back to stability in a quinary system (based on five). Five, like the five elements, means stable. Three is structural stable, five is rotation. To have stability in space, we need to rotate, we need to have five.
  • The interaction between the five elements, based on Dantian/centre, means stability. Chinese value the colour yellow, like yellow earth. It represents stability and for this reason is the colour of the Emperor.
  • Training exercise: “Fist draping over body”, “Lean with back”, “Fist covering hand downwards” with power. The intent: we have to throw something out of the body. At the beginning don’t worry about the structure, later on we can control it.

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