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by Shopmaster on 2022/01/17

Presenter: Kelvin Ho  Length: 70 mins  Difficulty: 3/5  Language: English  
Year: 2022  Location: Toronto, Canada  

Move 5 to 6 - Kelvin Ho Yilu Class 20220117
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5. Turn Left and Buddha’s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar (Zuo Zhuan Shen Dao Dui)
6. White Crane Spreads its Wings (Bai He Liang Chi)

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Alex Wu Navarro February 11, 2022 at 8:59 am

*** Personal notes on the video instructions ***
– All pinyin is written in full capitals with tone indicated as a number following it (easier to lookup if you want the corresponding character later).
– These notes reflect what I understood from the class. I share them to incentivize people to watch the video and do not in any way constitute a replacement for it. When you watch the video, you will definitely pick up things I didn’t.

Acronyms used in the notes:
– LF = Left foot
– RF = Right foot
– LN = Left Knee
– RN = Right Knee
– LL = Left Leg
– RL = Right Leg
– LK = Left KUA4
– RK = Right KUA4
– LH = Left Hand
– RH = Right Hand
– LE = Left Elbow
– RE = Right Elbow
– LS = Left Shoulder
– RS = Right Shoulder
– LA = Left Arm
– RA = Right Arm
– CL = Chest centre line
– TH = Top of the head
– PC = Positive circle
– NC = Negative circle
– CB – Shovel Out / Shovel Step (CHAN3 BU4)
– XMB – Small horse stance (XIAO3 MA3 BU4)
– ZMB – Left horse stance (ZUO3 MA3 BU4)
– YMB – Right horse stance (YOU4 MA3 BU4)

1. Theory:
.. 1. Movement: Turn left to Pound Mortar (it’s the second Pound Mortar in the form)
……- 7 counts
……..1. LH NC, RH PC
……..2. Lock the elbow, stretch the hand
……..3. LH NC, RH PC
……..4. Stretch hand and elbow opposite
……..5. Open the LK and LF, stretching LK by locking the RN
……..6. Pull with RE, scooping from below
……..7. Finish pounding mortar
……- Count 1: LH NC, RH PC
……..- Lock two hands and turn using the DT (we’re only twisting ourselves)
……- Count 2:
……..- Remember to keep LH pointing out
……- Count 7:
……..- This pound mortar with hand down
……..- This is the one Hong introduced a change
.. 2. Movement: White Crane Open its wings
……- Open up hands as in Block Touch coat
……- Front and back stretch:
……..- RF and RH (both hands together)
……..- Important:
……….- still sitting on LF as we do the split
……….- no changing of weight, no tossing
……..- Application: opponent beside you, put LF behind between their legs and flip them
……….- Stretch the back of the knee and heel is placed on the floor
……….- Causes some leverage/off balancing opponent
……….- Deeper the leg goes, the better (but still standing on the same leg)
……….- This requires partner work to understand how to do it properly
……….- Imagine creating a point through the opponent, hand below the opponent, the dot does not move.
……- Put the LF heel on the floor
……..- And then you can do a stretch across LK-RK
……..- Then you can shift the weight and pull
……- Shift the weight to LF. All the weight needs to be there.
……- Lock the back and open up hands and foot
……..- Separation between fixed Back-RK-RL fixed, then perform an RH PC (no higher than eyebrow) and LH NC (over LK) by opening/stretching the chest downwards, with the head going upwards to keep the 5 point stretch.
……..- Train with power: get into intermediary position (elbow in from RH PC) power stretch from the middle of the chest
.. 3. Theory:
……..- GOLDEN NUGGET: Preserve the stretch in moving. The moving and non-moving parts need to have a relationship between them. This relationship makes them be considered separate systems. If there’s no relationship, they’re considered one system.
……….- You can have multiple non-moving dots, not just one (but they need to be intentional)
……….- You need two connected elements through a non-moving dot
2. Points from student corrections:
.. 1. In White Crane:
……- Sometimes, you may not be able to put your foot very far away because this makes you toss
……- Keep the connection: don’t sit on your LK when you do the second count of White Crane (don’t hinge forward).
……- Before the opening, you need to have the weight completely to the back
……- Remember when opening arms
……..- to keep the armpits open when opening the arms in the final step of this movement
……..- Cave the chest in
……..- Fingers don’t point straight to the ceiling. They point diagonally to the opposite side.
……- At first, you can do a smaller step to go back and a midstep back as a simplification
.. 2. Give a nudge to stretch at the end of each movement (imagine posing for a picture)
.. 3. In Single Whip to pound mortar transition:
……- YMB should have LF heel aligned to the middle of the RF in the back
……- The stretching is the same as in one knee up and one knee down
……- No supposedly horizontal move
……- You need outward PENG2 and no collapsing of the joints when doing the entire transition
.. 4. In Pound Mortar last count:
……- Move RS to slide underneath the RE, don’t pull the hand up
……- Pull the RE in (an NC) to finish the movement
3. Personal reflections:
.. – You can still learn a lot watching these classes even when you can’t practice because of an injury (but it feels bad not being able to practice).


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