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by Shopmaster on 2022/01/10

Presenter: Kelvin Ho  Length: 66 mins  Difficulty: 3/5  Language: English  
Year: 2022  Location: Toronto, Canada  

Move 3 - Kelvin Ho Yilu Class 20220110
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Alex Wu Navarro February 11, 2022 at 8:51 am

*** Personal notes on the video instructions ***
– All pinyin is written in full capitals with tone indicated as a number following it (easier to lookup if you want the corresponding character later).
– These notes reflect what I understood from the class. I share them to incentivize people to watch the video and do not in any way constitute a replacement for it. When you watch the video, you will definitely pick up things I didn’t.
– Golden nuggets:
..- Several golden nuggets 8:40 to 16:34

Acronyms used in the notes:
– LF = Left foot
– RF = Right foot
– LN = Left Knee
– RN = Right Knee
– LL = Left Leg
– RL = Right Leg
– LK = Left KUA4
– RK = Right KUA4
– LH = Left Hand
– RH = Right Hand
– LE = Left Elbow
– RE = Right Elbow
– LS = Left Shoulder
– RS = Right Shoulder
– LA = Left Arm
– RA = Right Arm
– CL = Chest centre line
– TH = Top of the head
– PC = Positive circle
– NC = Negative circle
– CB – Shovel Out / Shovel Step (CHAN3 BU4)
– XMB – Small horse stance (XIAO3 MA3 BU4)
– ZMB – Left half-horse stance (ZUO3 BAN4 MA3 BU4)
– YMB – Right half-horse stance (YOU4 BAN4 MA3 BU4)

1. New movement: Six Sealing Four Closing (LFSB)
.. – End of the last movement is a YMB, RH out, LH in front of the stomach
.. – The movement has 2 PCs
…. – First PC is like in the foundations
…… – Horizontal egg – Big side outside, point in the inside
…… – Turn over after in with RE and hand out
…. – The second one
…… – Vertical egg – Big side towards the floor, pointy side of the egg to the sky
…… – RH keeps pointing to the same point in the wall
…… – Pull RE lower
…… – The RK rotation pulls you underneath hands
…….. – Need to go underneath the RH-LF line
…….. – RH and LH have no movement: they adjust naturally because of DT movement
…… – Rotation to the left to face North East
…….. – Lock RN, RF is already at its point
………. – Vertical rod going through LF-LN through the heel
…….. – Pull LF and place it with the tip aligned with the middle of the RF
………. – Like a T with weight in the middle
………. – LF heel is up
…….. – Hands:
………. – Wrists are straight
………. – Stretch fingers with tile hand
………. – Elbow slightly bent
………. – Palms face down
…… – Several golden nuggets 8:40 to 16:34:
…….. – RK needs to open and stretches out before the next rotation
………. – Original teaching from Hong is with long opening here
…….. – RF is locked down as an anchor
………. – Pull to the left, then rotate back (like winding a spring)
………. – The rotation is like drilling down (releasing the coil)
…….. – Without drilling down movement, the rotation will be unsuccessful (can’t keep the rod/stretch)
………. – CZH emphasizes this aspect in teaching because eyes lie here: if you copy the shape or you’ll toss, hence the emphasis on not moving front foot.
.. – Key for either one is not tossing
…. – General rule:
…… – In with elbow: push from front foot back
…… – Turn the KUA4:
…….. – lock rear KUA4, push front KUA4 onto its orthogonal plane
…….. – lock front KUA4, move the back KUA4
…… – Out with hand: pushing the back foot
.. – You can reset whenever the job is done, but don’t go up in the last count of the movement – You’re not allowed to pop up!! It does make the movement much more difficult.
.. – When focusing going lower in the second PC:
…. – you get used to it
…. – helps going down
…. – this is important in pushing hands
…. – helps not move the hands
2. Student Corrections (from 21:10)
.. – if you don’t go very low (from a wide stance), it becomes easier to move in the last count, avoids tossing, and helps not to move the RN
.. – Several corrections emphasize the inner/outer stretch, how the elbow pulls towards the inside and the hand pulls towards the outside (and movements arise from changes in this balance, with one body part not moving — instead, another body part is leading it).
3. Personal reflections
.. – Six Sealing Four Closing
…. – I was doing the egg shape wrong: First PC with the egg’s big part on the inside, not on the outside
…. – I hadn’t noticed before that there is a “winding up” in the 2nd PC
…. – Many misconceptions of PC cleared with this class


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