“Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20211007” Online Video Purchase

by Shopmaster on 2021/10/07

Presenter: Chen Zhonghua  Length: 63 mins  Difficulty: 3/5  Language: English  
Year: 2021  Location: Edmonton, Canada  

Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson 20211007
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Yuxin Liu October 8, 2021 at 4:03 am

Fajin practice. The engine/kua and dantian and the stealing wheel/elbow.
BWAPM: first move, body goes down. Second move, rotate and elbow. Third move, shovel out, peel or plough to dig a trench in the field. Fourth move, use the kua to throw the arm forward and up like an uppercut. Fifth move, body goes down and the punch go through huiyiin to the throat, when it comes down, the tension is on the elbow.
Block touching coat. Block and cai. Pull and chop the neck gliding along the arm, it is a horizontal move.
Six sealing four closing. Vertical move, body goes down and throw the arms up by the kua.


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