Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 2nd Jun 2021-Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/06/04

Size of kua movements. Template is the crank shaft. Maintain the rod in line. Size of the elbow and kua is the size of internal power, it has to be so big that you feel you are losing balance from inside. Chineses exercise: wash the waist. Kua cranking open. Master Chen Zhonghua demonstrated how big the opening can be in the kua and the opposite armpit in the forms.

Treasure in the sleeves. 袖里藏锦。

True rotation has no toss, it looks stiff, but it is not stiff. It is a conflict. Without rotation, you are stiff.

Going through the motions(比划) vs training. Reforge. We need to go over a threshold everyday by a little fraction. GM Hong never allowed 比划, whenever you start to move, it is with serious intention. When you allow yourself to 比划, you are imprinting bad habits.

Eyes and head are on your opponent (do not follow the hands or torso movements). It is 1/3 of the size of the movements. When we do not know the applications at the beginning, we just observe and copy how and where Master Chen Zhonghua looks in the forms. 左顾右盼 (zuo gu you pan)。顾 is focused look, 盼 is unfocused look.

When doing the forms, the size should be big, so the body will change systematically. We do not want movements to be too synthesized. We want to take everything apart, be less coordinated and focus on certain aspects. So the movements are clearer and more straightforward. To be 横平竖直(heng ping shu zhi), meaning the horizontal is flat and the vertical is erect. When you master sth, you don’t need to pay attention any more. At a high level you can judge with feelings. Before that, we follow standard templates and procedure.

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