John’s Practical Method Training Plan

by John Upshaw on 2021/05/24


The purpose of having a training is to make practice intentional.  It is important to note that I train one thing at a time.  These goals are not exclusive; however, it is my main focus.

Training Goals and Action Steps

Improve Stance

Open Kuas so feet are flat on the ground.
Front foot 45 and rear foot 90.
Rotate front Kua up and rear kua down to move the waist forward.
Push in with the knees as if I am holding on to a ball.  This will also hallow out the hui yin.

Train my Core

Crunch in my stomach without letting go and fix it in space as if a rod or fist is pushing into it.
Pull shoulder blades down.
Hallow out the chest.
Don’t let go.

3 to 5 yilus per day focused on the stance and 3 to 5 yilus per day focused on sustaining my core. Evaluate in 6 weeks.

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