Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2018 by John Upshaw

by John Upshaw on 2018/08/01


Pretend to fight to find the end points. Once locked, move-in the middle point.


(Alignment) Rear fingers look for the front elbow. The rear kua looks for the rear elbow.


All movements are proportional. This allows for nothing getting left behind. If left behind it become stagnant.


6 sealing and 4 closing example; say someone grabs my hand. The contact point becomes the demarcation line. Everything stretches backwards, elbow, shoulder, backwards on the line with front finger aimed forward, going back to the rear foot. It is like a boat or bullet in about one thing is and forward and everything is pushing backwards.

Don’t retreat. Arm goes backwards it really doesn’t it is replaced by the foot going forward so it becomes an illusion.


The hand connects to create resistance. At the elbow. Locket. Move shoulder down and the rest in to connect to the foot. Power comes from the feet. From front to foot, to front kua, causes the waist to rotate backwards. Power is 50% front foot 50% rear foot and 0 in the middle, which leads to the rotation.


We need pairs of hard and loose. Then they don’t know where the power is coming from.


Drill; create a jam. Maintain your jam add forwards or backwards from that jam to become longer.


1 small dot goes forward everything else goes backwards.

Become so small that you become nothing. Don’t be a surface become a line, become a pinhead.


Inside outside separation: Pick 2.’s at the end of a line  that are on the inside. She have to pointed to waist and the inside of the arm to show inside and pointed to the outside of the arm to show what the outside. Fill up the space between the 2 dots without moving the outside. On the last day on this issue Shifu spoke about the inside growing in the outside not moving causing a warped energy in which the opponent cannot detect when it was happening or identify where it is coming from.


Twisting the towel: When elbow is in front of kua, push the

kua into the elbow that is stretched to the hand and everything moves backwards into a line. We did 500 of them each side.

Priority list of what I need work on:


A. Structural

Straighten my torso, lower stances, open back knee and foot further, head up.


B. Functional

Don’t fight, hold the 2 ends of the line without going slack, in with elbow much more, don’t fight, separation of hard and loose with no fluctuation of power, don’t fight, lock the front contact point and everything movements backwards… Especially the head, DON’T FIGHT!

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John Upshaw August 2, 2018 at 3:09 pm

Additional Note On Stepping: The outside doesn’t move (quads)…from heel out, led with bottom (inside) of the knee to pulling up the rear….in pulling up the rear foot it both hamstrings pulling towards one another in to dantien….because it is inside, not on outside…it is not felt…there is no toss…


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