Online Lesson with Master Chen Zhonghua 28th April 2021

by Yuxin Liu on 2021/04/29

Wind up the clock. Lock one end to create spiral. 1.use body strength 2.body has the shape/structure of half pipe or spiral.

Fist draping over body. Train the kua, ignore others, use the kua to flip the arms. Turn to the left, reach, fist, elbow and shoulder has to go over a demarcation line. Lock the hand to the forehead, lock the triangle shape of R elbow and two shoulders, the elbow does not go horizontal, there is no flip on the elbow, tear both kuas open(no folding on the R kua), twist the torso, rub the two shoulder-kua lines to reach the fixed posture. Body stays in center, the two sides/arms are catching, like the propeller catching the air. Like the move after the second Flash the back. No locking, no structural power. No moving, you cannot create power. Train the body to have two parts. One part catches and locks, the other part does the fighting. Stretch the two elbows, not rotate or move, catch and fight the resistance with the stretch, hold the stretch, torque the torso. Maintain the stretch and switch the body so hard to have the internal training. Learn the core essential moves, others are make ups. Like the building, first it is the structure/pillars, then it is the decoration. Catch power with the hands/arms, and equalize it with the center.

Six sealing four closing. Downward and forward. There is peng always coming towards the opponent’s center. Catch 22. Pole shaking, two hands compensate each other, like a two way trap door. A lever, the opponent pushes one end, will be hit by the other end.

Body is like a preloaded spring, has preloaded tension. Pretensional concrete floor in Daqingshan. Structural integrity.

Train to see the things you are doing but you are not aware of.

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