Notes from Kelvin Ho’s Lesson on April 4, 2021

by Barbara Li on 2021/04/06

Kelvin corrected me on #33 to #36 as follow:

#33 Turn Left & Kick with Left Heel

1)Chest facing S, both hands down, fist facing body, shift weight to R foot.

2)Lift L foot lightly, L toes touching floor.

3)Holding elbows in, cross arms at chest level, fist facing down, R arm outside.

4)Lift L foot and kick with heel while at same time extend both arms, R arm diagonally upwards and L arm diagonally downwards; fists facing outwards; head and torso upright. (Position check: R arm and L foot form a straight line.)

5)Do not land L foot immediately after kicking. Make sure you are stable on R foot before landing L foot.

6)Weight still on R foot, both hands chest level, L elbow close to body, L hand palm up facing E (remember to sit the wrist). R hand higher than L hand, R hand palm down also facing E.

#34 Wade Forward & Twist Step on Both Sides

1)Lower L foot, shift weight to L foot and step R foot diagonally towards SE, R hand out.

2)R elbow in; rotate R foot outward on heel and shift weight to R foot.

3)Step L foot diagonally forward so that you are in half horse stance facing SE, R foot is front foot and L foot rear foot.

4)Without moving your lower body, rotate your head and chest to face S; double negative circle, lift both hands up as if holding up a flower.

#35 Punch to the Ground

1)R hand becomes a fist pointing down; L hand stretched, elbow bent 90 degrees at ear level, palm out.

2)Without bending, punch to the ground using power of your kua (I can only make do by opening R knee to the extent of my ability.)

3)Stretch L arm/hand still bent at elbow, stretching against the punch to the ground.

(Position check: facing SE when you are done with this move.)

#36 Turn Around and Double Kick

1)Without lowering L hand, turn L palm to face inward and place R hand in front of abdomen.

2)Shift weight to L foot and rotate on L heel; at the same time, sweep R foot on toes clockwise so that you end up facing NW, your R hand swinging down and pivoting L foot on toes to complete the 180 degrees rotation. (Beginners may find it hard to complete the rotation in one move; practice doing it in segments. Position check before double kick: Facing NW, L arm and hand outstretched and R arm down. L foot is slightly behind R foot.)

3)Shift weight to R foot; kick with L foot.

4)During kick, L arm comes down, and R arm circles backwards and comes back up to the front.

5)Land L foot and kick R foot.

6)Land R foot; R arm stretched out and L hand at the side.

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