Foundation Class Notes—Master Chen Zhonghua’s Online Lesson Mon 2 Nov 2020 – Carlotta Vivianni

by Carlotta Viviani on 2020/11/03

Exercise: From Six sealing and four closing position

  • Lock the two ends: Hand and Shoulder on the same line. Move the middle: Elbow
  • The elbow is placed down. It has to move upward towards the hand-shoulder line
  • Elbow and kua move upwards
  • Intention is how you lead the action
  • When the lead changes, it changes angle, shape, size and direction. But we cannot tell because on the surface it looks the same. Everything we can see is not real. Everything real, we cannot see it
  • Intention comes from you. Lead is a physical act. True intention is no intention: At this stage, we say it is real
  • Two materials in our bod: A stick (hard) and a rope (soft)
  • Wedged power is when you move the middle
  • The ability of moving the middle is crucial in Taiji
  • Never think you got it
  • Understanding: You don’t know anything more; now you can follow the instructions
  • Six sealing and four closing in the Form: hand never moves, never deviates from the line. Down-movement of the body comes from kua and knees

How to train the exercise we did today

  • Lock hand and shoulder on the same line (better if somebody locks you)
  • Put the rear hand under the elbow supporting the upward action of the elbow
  • Train with resistance. The hand must carry weigh. It has to be heavy all the time (Yin Yang reversal)
  • Shoulder against the wall, supporting
  • Torso absolutely no movement. No rotation
  • Train the move individually
  • Do not move the shoulder. Every joint has a minimum of two parts. In the shoulder one part connects to the chest, one part connects to the arm. While doing this move, only allow the part connected to the arm to move. If we move both, we say we are moving. If we move only one, this is called ”open”. Shoulder not moving, elbow moving: as result the power is squeezed in the hand
  • Information: In the future the shoulder must have the intention to move backward. There is a wall on the back causing the power to bounce back
  • Power: Yang energy goes up. We can go down with the body, but not sideways
  • Clear movements give you power. Muddy movements don’t



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mpadilla December 7, 2020 at 10:52 am

In the positive and negative circles, Master Chen says, “out with hand”. But in the lock 2, move one theory, the hand and shoulder lock and the elbow moves, as stated in your notes above. Am I misunderstanding? Is this a contradiction? Thank you in advance.


Kelvin Ho December 7, 2020 at 1:48 pm

“Out with hand” does not mean “move the hand”.


mpadilla December 7, 2020 at 2:09 pm

It sounds like they are both correct by your advice. Thank you again!


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