Online Lesson with Kelvin Ho 28th Dec 2020 – Yuxin Liu

by Yuxin Liu on 2020/12/29

Negative Circle.
First count, shoulder needs to go down and the elbow needs to go over to come in. Hand does not move.
Turn with the waist. The torso is a cylinder and has three sections: shoulder, waist and kua. Only rotate the waist (the middle section of the cylinder), fix the top and bottom to create the stretch.

A bit of my thoughts after the class.
As shown in the picture, the space between each section is within the joints. The blue lines outside the cylinder are the tissues wrapping around the joints. So when we fix the top and bottom and only rotate the middle, the rubber band will be tightened, stretched and twisted, both within the joints and the tissues wrapping and in between. And now the joints are open, as the top of the middle section is the inner part of the shoulder joint, and the bottom of the middle section is the top part of the kua. So the different parts of the joints are separated.

– Initial Closing.
Both forearms(hands and elbows) need to line up on the 45 degree line as much as possible. Need both shoulders be stretched out, the upper back is arching to have more length outside and the chest is indented, so when the elbows get pulled in, there is space.
Back leg stays in half horse stance. Back ankle locked, back knee open out and up, back kua is stretched open, to create a stick. The torso is erect like a wall supported by the back leg. The stretch goes from the back foot all the way to the head.
Yin yang separation. The back part of the body is totally locked when pull the front foot in. At the same time jerk the opponent in with the elbows hitting the Dantian, the power goes all the way to the rear foot and bounce back. Make sure the forearms stay in the 45 degree line when the elbows come in.

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Sevastianos Maillis January 2, 2021 at 9:47 pm

Thank you for the good notes, YuXin!


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