Yi lu Zoom class 11/11/20 with Shifu:

by Xavier Santiago on 2020/11/11

In brush the knee the right arm should never move the hand. In with elbow, turn waste without moving hand, then out with the hand.

At our level, the improvement only comes from being bigger.

Second move of block touching coat the rear hand does negative circle. Do not let the hand come in. That is a taboo.

Our moves are all inverted curvature. We have no convex moves.

Corrections made to my first 13 postures of Yi Lu: I have the habit of doing it wrong then correcting mid way. I can no longer do that. I should do it slower to do it right from the beginning.

Fist of protecting the heart: do not pull the shoulder. The shoulder/Kua line does not wobble.

Fist draping over the body: when your elbow is big the arm is small, when your elbows are small your arms are bigger. You should barely see the elbow.

Train the moves while holding a rubber cord at your waist. This will force the elbow in, and no hand movement.

When your choreography is there then use the center to tie everything together. Everything eventually becomes passive and only the center is active. It’s not something you can do right away and takes about 6 months so that your body becomes more cohesive.

Moves cannot be fast or small when training.

Do not twist too much in fist of protecting the heart. Don’t go too fast. Go slowly and check the elbow to make sure it is small and does not protrude.

Be careful when doing fist draping over body that the arm does not come behind you. Arm is in front of you. Start engaging your torso.

When every single part of the body is trained, then we can do push hands and cannon fist.

High pat on horse: the left foot only lifts a little bit, then the right foot does a bigger lift.

After kick with left hip, make a stop on one foot before stepping forward.

Change palm 3 times, do not move hand. The rest of the body movement appears to move the hand.

When you are too fast, your movements are compromised.

Always be aware that you are training your core. At the beginning you have to show clear pictures. Then you train the core.

All power must come out of a T. When in taiji it is said yin comes out of yang and yang comes out of yin. That is a T. Example with the credit cards T- the space makes expansion to the two lines and allows the cards to remain upright. That space in the human body is the space in the arm pit area when doing the circles.

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