Notes from Foundations Virtual Class with Shifu Chen Zhonghua on 11/9/20

by Xavier Santiago on 2020/11/09

Class focused on corrections for foundation move “Six Sealings Four Closures”:

When you toss, your move has even more than the energy can bare.

It’s a changing gear ratio

This is difficult because The correct way is Move your body and barely move the outside and your mind cannot register that.

You need to generate large moves on inside and no move in the hand.

Imagine elbow is on the table and shoulder pushes on elbow. It can’t go down, and transmits to the hand.

When you turn the Kua a mistake is that the elbow is left behind. It should raise the elbow. The elbow pushes up to shoulder and hand and releases on hand.

The Kua cannot move arm in. The Kua can only propel arm forward. As you do that, the elbow goes into the hand.

Elbow has to be turned to the inside, not to the outside.

Shoulder should behave as if tied to a string to the rear foot. If not, it tosses forward. Do not throw the shoulder out.

Then make moves smaller on outside and waste move bigger. When you are sure the elbow and shoulder make the right move, move it less and only move waste

Hand, elbow and shoulder should be as on a board on both sides of the arm. Your arm is like on a groove and cannot move horizontal. If you move on the track in regulatory area your movement is acceptable. If you move off the track your movement becomes a random. You have a shape from the beginning in the hand that must be maintained. Your arm is as on a paper cutter with both sides having a track. It cannot wobble. Your arm has to be on the slot. The elbows moves on that slot. Elbow is always driven into the Hand.

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