Online Lesson with Shifu 202011-23

by Pawel Mueller on 2020/11/23


Shifu: You need to get the rhythm/counting of the form.

After you learn it, then it becomes music. But this cannot be thought. Everyone „hears“ his/her own music. And this is only after a long time of learning the correct rhythm.

As a teacher I cannot correct your music. I can only correct the rhythm.

Example: Diana. Once Shifu got her out of her own way to to it she lost track of the move. But when she started from the beginning of the sequence without interruption she could easily finish it.

Shifu: When you have a rhythm you don’t miss a move. Because you’ll immediately realize whether you missed one or not, i.e. you get out of your rhythm.

If you have no rhythm you are likely to miss moves.

What is rhythm: basically  it’s counting. 1,2,3 then 1,2,3,5 then 1,2 etc.

Han Ri from Wulian actually added extra counts to every move. This way you have to count them through and you are less likely to miss something. Even if you miss one, it’s a much smaller detail. The form still stays basically the same.

When Shifu started teaching he couldn’t stop at any point an continue. Because he got out of the rhythm as well. He had to do a little sequence of the part before to get to the position.


Kick after fist protecting heart

Shifu: The kick is in the rotation.


  1. Knee up
  2. Kick, i.e. foot up
  3. Foot down
  4. Rotate


  1. Knee up
  2. Kick and Rotate from Kua/body


Kicks in Rub the foot

Don’t go up with a straight leg. It’s

  1. Knee up
  2. Foot up (kick)
  3. Foot down


What is Stiff?

Stiff looks like if you are counting. But the intent is on not loosing power. So you never let got (become loose). You grab somebody and you want to move him. But you canot let go with your hands. So you move from the kua.



The cloud hand in moving fist is called „red fist“

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