On line Yilu class November 12th 2020 by Johnny Upshaw

by John Upshaw on 2020/11/12

On line Yilu class November 12th 2020 by Johnny Upshaw

• When going down on the left side and brush the knee, the shape/ structure does not change.
• Going down while retaining our structure creates vertical Peng, which we try to train.
• Keep the structure is not to lose the Peng. Don’t retreat and don’t drop.

• Like a relay race, pass the baton forward. It does not retreat and it does not drop.
• The form needs to be clear, open, precise and continuous.
• Make moves big and tight.
• Minute is big, there is nothing outside of you, when did the small there is nothing inside of you.
• We need the attention of big to hold the body together.
• Elbow, shoulder and kua pull it in.
• When looking at the relationship between a reel and the line, The reel rotates pulling in the line, which is proportional to each other. If there is slack in the line then the line gets knotted up in the reel. Continuous tension needs to be maintained while reeling it in.


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