Yilu Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Wed 30 Sep 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/10/01

Today, the following students received partial Yilu corrections.

  • Sergey Schepin
  • Candra Lo
  • Chris Martinez
  • Felicia Fong
  • Gora Nebulana & Zeela

– At this level I need to see all the straight lines and the corners. Only rotate the corners.

– During the learning you must do one move at a time. Every body part is sharp.

– The key is what to move and what not to move. Your moves must be complete. You have to make the moves with the count in your head. The count will establish a rhythm. It allows you to complete your moves. Example: Chinese character writing of individual stroke counts vs cursive writing.

– This is one of the few secrets in Taiji.

– Master told a story about ancient methods of preserving and passing on knowledge. There was a Professor of Anthropology in Alberta on the Federal Taskforce of Native Affairs. After a meeting was held, a transcript was produced. A native elder pointed out a mistake on the transcript, which was transcribed from an audio recording.  After the recording was checked, the truth was confirmed as spoken by the elder. In modern times we use documents as references. However if there are any errors, the truth is lost. There are ancient sanskrit documents that have been preserved. They had thousands of kids chanting it to the beat of a drum. Every sound is preserved, therefore there is no chance for mistake. In Chinese, there is the Three Character Canon (三字经). The symmetry and rhyme is important. Children are taught to recite the poetry with movements of the head. This is a traditional way of how things were kept. This ensures the knowledge is passed on.

– Do not move. Only do two things – stretch, or rotate.

– 17. Fist Covering Hand Downwards. I can guarantee you my arm does not move. Hand elbow and shoulder locks into a triangle. Open the armpit.

– This is one type of move. Arm stretches to a certain position. Torso presses down. This is called to pump. Example: Air pump. You pump vertically down, the air goes sideways.

– 24. Flash the Back. Left elbow strike. If the shoulder is not open, there is no power. The hand cannot move. It must maintain distance away from the shoulder.

– The upper body has absolutely no movements. The size comes out of the waist rotating.

– Look at Grandmaster Hong’s old photos. Peng power depends on the rear knee not going down. At this stage we are not at the level that we can totally reform our body. We can only adjust it to be stronger than other people.



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