Foundation Class Notes – Master Chen Zhonghua Online Zoom Lesson Mon 21 Sep 2020 – Brian Chung

by Brian Chung on 2020/09/21

Today Master Chen covered the Double Positive Circle.

– Exercise: Find a rope or rubber cord and tie your elbows to your body. Stretch the hand out.

– Pump up and down. Waist turns left and right.

– Exaggerate.

– The objective is to use your internal movements to defeat your opponent before he knows it.

– Pump up and down. Pump left and right.


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The idea is that you always do the full version. Your movements must be that big. Once you get a hold of that feeling, then you lock it up so it cannot come out. Inside it must be the same size. All our power is based on this.
Analogy: (1) Put a bullet on a table. Take the head off. Powder out. Burn it. (2) When the bullet is encapsulated inside, it blows up the same way.
Everything has to be fully burnt. Movements must be full. Then trap the outside, let the inside do the job. Then you create power. This called inside and outside separation.


– Exercise: Hold your R elbow with your L hand. Ensure it does not move.

– Partner Exercise: One turn to pull. One turn to push. Power comes out of the waist.

Positive Circle – come in from the bottom, go out from the top. Negative circle is the opposite.

– Eventually this will allow us to move without restrictions.

– In ancient times this was a secret. There were many people that were ready but were not told. If they were told they would improve by leaps and bounds. Today it is the opposite. There is not enough experience, not enough training. The knowledge is useless.

– On the way in, the front kua tears. On the way out, the rear kua tears.

– Master demonstrated the rear kua. On the way out, the rear kua stretches, the movements are on the front. The back is like a wall that stretches up and down. It has to warp. The front can bypass.


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The movements of the body are in the dantian and never leaves the dantian. Only power goes out of the dantian.
Example: Electricity is always together with the conductor, in the element.
If you use an element on your stove, the electricity stays in the element. The heat goes into the pot. Substance and energy.


– Hong’s example of a rotating tyre. There is no part of the tyre that leaves. The energy spins out.


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Alexandros September 22, 2020 at 1:58 am

thank you for these notes. A detailed lesson specifically focusing on on how to:
– Pump up and down. Waist turns left and right.
– Pump up and down. Pump left and right.
– use the tail bone
Would be wonderful please.


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