Foundations Class Notes (折叠 – fold and open) September 29, 2020 – Edward Liaw

by Edward Liaw on 2020/09/29

Today we worked on three foundational exercises: twisting towel, six sealing four closing, and fetch water. The concepts we practiced were to fire 3 at once and to fold and open.

Twisting towel

  • Practice semi-automatic rhythm: fire 3 at once.
  • Don’t move the hands/arms, pump the kua.

Six sealing four closing

  • Hands on a line, body folds over to drive hands back and forth on the line.

Fetching water

  • Go to the full stretch, fold the body over.
  • The action it is named after: Pull the water out from a well (standing on the edge of the well, keeping the body upright).
  • Looks like starting a lawn mower – a change of the name without changing the meaning. Have to hold the motor still and pull the cord.
  • Make sure the kua fully opens. Has to go to the other side. It goes up 45 degrees.

折叠 zhé dié

  • To fold and open – another way to look at rotations in the body. We worked on this using the kua.

Q&A: Thigh rotation in the third part in the positive circle (hand out)

  • The rear kua must turn over but move backward.
  • Fighting double heavy: rotate inward but outward move.

Chinese class

  • Wild horse parts its mane was covered.
  • Same thing: stretch the two ends but need to find the middle to do the work.
  • Body movement in this move is horizontal, but the action is vertical. Very difficult.

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I have been a disciple of Master Chen since August 2018. I began practicing Practical Method in March 2015, when I spent 3 months full time on Daqingshan.

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