Bhargav Khaund Resume

by Bhargav on 2020/04/07

Bhargav Khaund


I am an engineer by training, and I work in an energy and chemical company in a senior managerial role within the Supply Chain and business development function covering the Asian region.

I am a keen follower of science, philosophy, current realities etc. and read a lot to keep myself updated.Besides that, I am a dedicated Taiji practitioner.

My tryst with Taiji began in late 2010 when I signed up for a basic level Taiji course. My curiosity and hunger to learn more about the art led me to Master Chen Zhonghua. From 2012 I started learning Practical Method Taiji and in 2015 I was accepted as one of his disciples, being the first from the land of yoga.

I am also a part time teacher of Taiji. What started off as a quest for a fitness hobby, Taiji has become an inseparable part of my life.

Curiosity makes me explore the vast depths of Taiji and my passion makes me take out time to pursue and teach.


About Bhargav

I have recently started learning Chen style Tai Chi. I have been very impressed with whatever little I have seen of GM Chen Zhonghua through the on line vids available on the net. Since it is difficult to have access to him from being in different countries, I would like to start by buying some of his videos.

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