Bees, Bubbles and Taiji

What’s common between all the above entities? You guessed it – Emergence!

Observing their behaviour shows how distinctly order emerges out of what looks like chaos when looked at superficially.

From work of bees in beehives and work of ants in colonies to swarming of birds or school of fish almost everything in nature display Emergent behaviour. All these earthly creatures act locally doing simple repetitive activities following a fixed rule but collectively they can overcome problems and perform complex feats.
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Bhargav Khaund Resume i

by Bhargav on 2020/04/07

Bhargav Khaund


I am an engineer by training, and I work in an energy and chemical company in a senior managerial role within the Supply Chain and business development function covering the Asian region.
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The Magic of Taiji 5

by Bhargav on 2020/04/04

Ever wondered why Taiji is so magical especially at the hands of true masters?
I first experienced that magic when I met Master Zhonghua Chen in Daqingshan on a warm July evening of 2012. Ever since that moment I have developed a fixation of sort to figure out what is behind that magic – it is so ever present in everything Master Chen does, it is impossible to differentiate between the magic and the magician! Read more