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by Richard Johnson on 2018/06/26

Richard Johnson is now teaching in the Decatur-Huntsville area in Alabama. For more information, you may reach him at

Decatur-Huntsville, AL  – Chen Taijiquan Academy – Classes and private instruction by appointment only

Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method is taught in two phases or paths. The first path (yilu) is what most people think about when they hear “Taijiquan.” It focuses primarily on internal and foundation training while learning the first and, optional, second routines. This teaches the mind to move the body in precise, new ways. It improves mindfulness, posture, and awareness. It is learning to respond to outside influences with taiji movement and learning to turn vulnerability into power. Students learn everything they need to know physically and mentally to see, feel, and understand Taijiquan.

Many renowned Taijiquan practitioners, revered for their martial prowess and abilities only practiced the first path. Many, experienced in other martial arts, became interested in Taijiquan, especially the first path, to enhance their existing martial abilities.

However, the internal training of the first path has almost universal application. Artists, scholars, and athletes of all sorts, Chinese calligraphers, chefs, dancers, football players and others all benefit their art nd sport, on new “paths”  through internal training.

The traditional second path (erlu) applies the unique internal principles and practices learned in the first path to self defense. This path is optional and is taught only after proficiency in the first path is attained and only to students of good character. Non-taijiquan self-defense training is also available.

Classes generally involve three categories of activities: Learning choreographed routines, foundation exercises, and push hands usage training. Extended classes address – advanced first and second routines, weapons, and advanced push hands.

Contact: Richard Johnson for class times and locations.

Richard Johnson was introduced to Taijiquan in 1986 and became a tudi of Chen Zhonghua in 2000. He worked nearly 20 years as massage therapist and postural trainer. He has a Masters degree in Exercise Science and was a doctoral candidate studying Sports Biomechanics at Auburn University. Currently, he is the the owner of TruKinetix, a biomechanics consulting firm.

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