2017-03-05 – Richmond Hill – review of turning flower out at bottom of the sea

by Mark Hanley on 2017/03/06

Last week Kelvin Ho review turning flower out at bottom of sea. he posted a video and the following points
1) Maintain a non-moving vertical rod from head to left heel throughout the action.
2) Hold the right forearm in front of the chest with a fist, while the left fist is on the side of the body.
3) Throw the right fist down to the right side as hard as possible with a raising right knee to create a scissoring effect, while throwing the left fist up to the left ear.
4) There should be no tossing or turning of the body, but there is a spiral stretch along the vertical rod

This week in re-reviewing the move I found the following points to be true and help me preform the move better. The left arm ends at the ear and at some point the left arm from the elbow to the shoulder is the like a handle of the whip and the elbow to the hand is the whip with the tassels being the hand. This is also true of the right arm. In repeating this multiple times I could get the internal movement to the hands. In order to not move the rest of the body I had to sink and extend my left kwa out. Finally I could then move the left center over the right as a twist.The above helped me perform a better execution.

About Mark Hanley

I have done Aikido, Karate and Wig Chun. I have practised tai chi for 7 years and have now started the practical method with Kelvin Ho as my instructor

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