Vancouver 2015 4 Days Workshop Review

by Wilkin Ng on 2015/11/06

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Camille from Port Alberni, and Phil from California joined us.

Four days focused on yilu correction. Master Chen went around while we did yilu and gave lessons based on our errors.

For me, this experience pushed my envelope of what is required from yilu, and I feel a difference on the last day, how my body is more stable in doing it. Master Chen reminded me to keep practicing correctly otherwise I will revert to my old habit.

Some points from my notes:

  • keep the head not moving (this engages the core)
  • keep the arm shoulder level, while adjusting below
    I noticed this kind of motion before from Master Chen but only starting to feel the effect of it in my stability.

In a way Yilu is a progressive system, I only notice the higher difficulty requirement if my body can perform it  and can tell the difference when I do it correctly.

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Carlos Hanson November 6, 2015 at 11:36 am

The reminder to practice correctly is important. I’m beginning to understand “Don’t Move” better through recent circle practice. This week I realized that I wasn’t applying my new understanding throughout Yilu. When I noticed the difference, I would have to go back and redo that part.

I definitely agree with Yilu as a progressive system. There are so many things I notice now that were not obvious at all when I started. For example, I remember when negative circles started popping up in Yilu. It was like little light bulbs turning on over each shoulder as I progressed through the form.


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