Vancouver May 2015 Workshop

by Steven Cheng on 2015/07/22

The Vancouver workshop was taught by Steve Chan and Bill Vanderhall.  Driving in from Calgary, I was able to get some good training in and meet up with the Vancouver practical method group again.

The first day we practised yilu and foundations then worked on a stretching drill.  We used negative circle stretching to neutralize an arm break technique.  This stretching drill was also good at loosening up the shoulders and finding parts that weren’t moving properly in the circle.

We also worked on finding lines on a partner from a basic stance and having the partner switch their body position to change the lines away from where they were pointing.

The second day we practised yilu and foundations again and a mix of push hands and applications drills.  We then went through the beginning of the broadsword form and learned the basic movements.

All together it was a great workshop with a good mix of standard training, stretching and application drills and learning the sword form.


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