Steven Cheng

For this year’s Edmonton workshop we worked a lot on positive circle concepts and stretching.
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Thanks to Bill Vanderhall and Steve Chan we had a great weekend of Taiji training and learning.

We worked on yilu practice and corrections with some applications examples to help with training.  Some corrections were:
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Calgary class 3

by Steven Cheng on 2015/10/20

Calgary Class


We have a weekly class at 7pm downtown Calgary.

For more information please contact stevechy at


The Vancouver workshop was taught by Steve Chan and Bill Vanderhall.  Driving in from Calgary, I was able to get some good training in and meet up with the Vancouver practical method group again. Read more

I had a great time at this year’s Edmonton 7 day seminar even though I was only able to attend for two days.  We started out the mornings working through a lot of foundations, which I don’t drill as often as I should.  Every time I come to Edmonton I learn a lot of helpful drills that really help work out the details in parts of the form. Read more