Bentonville, AR, USA workshop Saturday 5 Feb 2011 AM session notes

by Richard Johnson on 2011/02/05

Start with 3 or more contact points and add points. Drop strainght down. (Brush Knee)

Contact points, Far points.

Negative circle

Take the elbow where you think it should be grab it with the other hand and pull it in some more.

Lever front

Rear lever

Bite – Hook is focused on the opponent’s center. If it doesn’t bite, the opponent can spit the hook out like a fish spits out a hook that is not set. Use the turn to catch them.

When stepping in – suck them in.

Form practice. first 13

Use strength to fill the pipes.

3rd Jingang Pounds Mortar

Void at 45 degrees

Touch with a free point.

Remember: Heel points opposite direction (like a pike butt rammed into the ground.)

Double positive (alternating) circles – exchanges through the back.

Double negative (alternating) circle – exchanges through the front.

  1. Start tight with hand out until you can’t move.
  2. Then it is suddenly past this stuck point. (It is impossible to do, so start by loosening up to get a  feel. Do it the wrong way, but don’t start liking to do it the wrong way. Over weeks continue to tighten up the movement.)
  3. Sink – drop is important to get past stuck point.

Pole shaking circle, yin-yang,  (Jingang circle)

  1. Start coordinated and synchronized
  2. As you do the two circles correctly this will de-synchronize the movement.

Richard Johnson

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Richard Johnson February 12, 2011 at 11:10 am

Notes from Saturday morning


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