Edmonton June 2011 Workshop

by gouxiong on 2011/07/01

I wanted to share my experiences of the June 2011 workshop in Edmonton. It was amazing as always. As a group we decided to focus ont Yilu and fundamentals during the time I was there. We sweated a LOT and did Yilu again and again and again.

We spent a great deal of time reviewing fundamentals such as circles, twisting the towel and six sealing four closing and how those applied directly to movements in the Yilu. I was impressed again at  how Master Chen was able to turn an excercise I have been doing for ten years into a new experience with new intricacies and detail.

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One of the most challenging corrections Master Chen went over was keeping the front Kua open during all movements and keeping the back Kua lower. I discovered that most of the time I thought I was “turning” I was actually breaking in the front Kua. Now I just have to incorporate that into every move of the form.

It was great to see old friends and to meet some new ones. I had a wonderful experience and I look forward to refining my form on my own with all of the corrections Master Chen showed us in Edmonton.

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drew July 14, 2011 at 1:01 am

i studied tai chi with Ronnie Yee in 2000. in 2001 i went with Ronnie, Master Chen and approx 10 other students to China. their i met Master Feng. Master Feng had walked up to me and poked me in the chest, my waist shot backwards and my knees bent forward and where he had poked me in the chest started to burn, the burning was spreading throughout my chest to which i seriously thought i was gona die, Master Feng took one look at my face and burst out in laughter, he then brush his hand over my chest and the energy or heat quickly dispersed or broke apart.

My next encounter was with Master Chen, he told me to grab his arms and throw him, to which i went onto a deep horse stance grabbed his biceps as hard as i could. Master Chen was standing on one leg with the other leg up in the air behind him and his arms out in front of him. So i dug my fingers into his biceps and tried to throw him the next thing i was looking down at the ground falling. i went to brace myself for the fall but my body reacted to the fall by itself it was a very very soft landing and as my legs straightened up i then felt gravity and everything heavy again. one more thing i landed in another room 20 feet from Master Chen.

i just wanted to say i went to Master Chens EDmonton seminar in July and it was so enlightening. His philosiphy on life and tai chi are second to none. If your ever on a plateau in tai chi i highly suggest going to one of his seminars, he moves you up in levels that really, you would be very lucky to achieve on your own. He makes tai chi fun and insanely interesting to practice, in which its no longer practice but something thats just total fun to do. Master Chen takes note in every students progress and makes sure they achieve a better understanding and when they leave the seminar they not only have a huge smile on their face but also alot to think about, alot of things you want to work on and that your questions are answered.


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